My life has been a collection of blessings that just keep showing God’s love for me.

I grew up learning about God and His nature but I didn’t truly know and understand what it was all about until I was 13.

It was then that I received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

I immediately saw a change in myself - especially in my relationship with anxiety.

I went from being overwhelmed by my worries on a daily basis to finding a peace and calm.

My anxiety was no longer at the forefront of my life, and if the habits started to arise I could lean on God’s strength to bring perspective.

One thing that has affected my life is my diagnosis with type one diabetes - a diagnosis that came just nine months before I received the Holy Spirit.

Working out where God stands within this can be hard but just because I've got a condition outside ‘the normal’ doesn’t mean God hasn’t or won’t bless me.

I’ve had countless situations (related to my diabetes and not) that I have seen God's love, grace and compassion come through.

Currently, I’m finding comfort in how God’s nature and intentions speak to and align with the movements we experience in society.

He loves us all no matter who we are or where we come from and Jesus proved this through his teachings.

I’m grateful that no matter how I turn up or what I choose to do with my life God shows up with me.