Poem by Kelly

There is a temple

I am submerged in your presence here
There is no room for anything else to breathe
In this place your covenant is made alive in me
Promises that cannot be imitated or replicated

How often do I lose sight of this?
How often am I blinded by the normality of this?
I forget to look for you in the temple
Letting complacency take over my vision

I allow myself to be distracted by things
Collecting stuff that holds my attention for a moment
I feel like a pendulum searching back and forth
Until I remember that you’re already here

When I return I build an altar for you
Layering it with whatever little I have to give
Putting my heart and soul into my offering
Is enough for you to confirm your presence

You respond to my prayerful offerings
This humble sacrifice is consumed by your power
Watch the spectacular display of fire fall
I am filled with confidence and hope in you

I am grateful that you are a constant
Humbled by your forgiveness and patience with me
Redemption is always available in the temple
And here is my soul continually restored

I will continue to dive into your promises
To celebrate the place that I have been put in
To practice humility in it giving what I have
Continuing to seek out your presence here

I am the temple