On the 14th June we were lucky to have Pastor Carl as a guest speaker at our Sunday meeting. He spoke about the importance of seeing who we are and who we are not. The truth is, our ability to please God can only come from God. It is not something we can muster or create of ourselves but, the ability to please God is gifted through his spirit. I know for me it's so easy to only see my own inadequacies, but, as Pastor Carl said, these are weights that hold us back. So, if this is true, then what could happen if I choose to see God in me, to see myself through God's perspective? I wrote a poem inspired by this thought.  

When all I see are the “I couldn’t possibly”s
You see exactly why me
When all I see are my clumsy aching feet
You see the growth in me
When all I see are the scars on my flesh
You see a vessel, untarnished
When all I see are lines on my ageing skin
You see your beauty within
When all I see are my darkest parts
You see my blinding lights
When all I see are my resistance and fear
You see a brave overcomer
When all I see are my imperfect attempts
You see your perfection
When all I see are the things I could’ve done better
You see the fruit of my labour
When all I see is the little I have to give
You see the all of it
When all I see are the things I regret
You see me as a beloved friend
When all I see is me through a murky perspective
You see me, the truth unfiltered

If I only see my ego and insecurity
Can I embrace the grace you granted me?
If I choose to see me through your lens
The possibilities ahead are endless

Revival London Sunday Meeting

Carl, pastor of our Midlands group in the UK, shares thoughts on "The New and Living Way We've Entered Into".

Posted by Revival London on Sunday, 14 June 2020
Pastor Carl's talk on God's love