who we are

We are a group of people, each with an individual experience that gives us proof of God's existence – the same experience that Jesus’ followers had 2000 years ago.

We come together twice a week to share, discuss, worship and to learn how to serve the creator of our universe (it turns out it’s mainly by helping other people). We do this by praying, singing and studying the Bible together.

We believe in discovery over dogma; in listening over insisting; in acceptance over judgment. We live our faith through action.

who you are

You are you.

Perhaps you’re curious about what faith means to you. Maybe you’re looking for peace, understanding or hope. Or you might simply be searching for a spiritual community you feel truly at home in.

Whatever is happening in your life, we’re here to listen to you, share stories and pray.

So come and join us. You are always welcome.

how we’ve connected with god

(and how you can too)

  1. Get baptised by going completely under the water. This is a demonstration to God that you want to bury your old way of doing things.
  2. Ask the creator for the Holy Spirit and then give your thanks (by saying “thank you”, “hallelujah” or whatever else might work for you). You might do this in your house, in your garden or at a church. (One of the people in our church received it while driving).
  3. The Bible says you’ll know you have the Holy Spirit when you speak in tongues. We have all done this, and we didn’t do anything for it – there was no effort or learning required. God is good.
  4. Start growing.