Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the obstacles and problems in life.

But no matter what, we can be confident that the Lord cares for us, guides us and helps us in our moments of need.

On Sunday, Rocky spoke about the example given to us by Elisha in the Old Testament. Elisha was able to do so many things because of the Lord's power in him.

Elisha actually asked God for a double portion of his blessing. He was so inspired seeing the Lord work through his predecessor, the prophet Elijah, that he wanted to see even more blessings in his life!

We can be like Elisha - we just need to keep putting things to the Lord and asking Him to take control.

The main scripture we talked about on Sunday was II Kings 6:8-23.

The main idea Rocky drew from this passage was to encourage us to open our spiritual eyes so we can see that the Lord is with us wherever we go and in whatever situations we face.

Another scripture was John 4:4 - to remind us that we are very special to God and the Lord's power in us through the Holy Spirit is bigger than any of the problems we may face.

The Lord's love and Spirit is in us and will help us overcome life's problems. Romans 8:31 says 'If God be for us, who can be against us?'

Be inspired by this talk to work on your personal relationship with God. Live in a state of being connected.

When you have a solid relationship with God it will see you through any circumstance in life.