Camden showed us three aspects of Jesus’ life this Sunday, reading from the book of Mark, chapter 6.

Jesus was human

How can we be similar to this great person? He had a mother, and brothers, and a fairly normal job as a carpenter – much like us. He had good times, bad times, happy times, and sad times – just like us.

Jesus trusted God and his Message

When Jesus sent his disciples on a journey in Mark 6, verses 7 to 13, he told them not to take anything but a staff. This is the opposite of what you might expect, but if they were preaching that others should have faith in God, it makes sense that they should trust in Him too.

‌‌Jesus had compassion

When the disciples returned, Jesus took them to a quiet place, perhaps to have a rest, but when many people followed, he put his own desires for recovery to one side. He had compassion on those people who wanted to hear from him, and he spoke to them.

‌‌By showing that Jesus was human, like us, Camden made it easier to see that we could follow His examples of trust in God, and to have compassion on the people around us. You can listen to Camden’s thoughts in full at the link below.