Here is a poem I wrote inspired by what I heard from Tom last week when he spoke about the Guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Dance

I perform a dance not always seen
Stopped and started whenever
My mind forms moves
I see the direction, I know the style
I can feel the mood, my rhythm is owned by me
Freestyle is what I call it
I can change the tempo to suit the moment
My movements are not determined by the space
My arms extend to the music, my knees bend on the beat
In my mind, this dance unfolds before me
with grace and hope from God
At times fear and strength dance together
One dance is full of confidence
The other struggles with doubt

The Lord is my choreographer
The Lord is my teacher

I dance to find peace
I dance to feel free
I pause to catch my breath
I stop...reflect...pray

A still small voice guides my limbs
My moves flow freely
When God leads my dance, my performance is strong
I bow with peace