Last Sunday we heard Pastor Rob share thoughts from the bible on Judgment.
This is my reflection; Susan.

Judgement vs Love

As a child, I was taught what's right and wrong
How I should act
How to be a good person
This is not always easy when faced with pressures

People don't always treat you how you treat them
The bible says: give without expecting anything in return, for me this is hard to swallow at times
I know I am a new creation in Christ, but I am not perfect.

I should be judging with my spiritual eyes
With God's spirit, I pray.

I pray to be guided to choose right from wrong
I pray not to be judging with criticism, I don't know the whole story

Wisdom in every situation still needs perfecting, now I'm walking with God
My overcoming is every day
Aligning my thought to God's ways
Ensuring my attitude is one of kindness and grace

I am a work in progress, I pray and hope I will always be wondering how I can be more like Jesus.

I pray

If I can be a positive example in this world, then I am happy
I am doing God's work

Judging with love, kindness and mercy

My aim
My prayer

More love every day
More mercy with every situation
More kindness towards all people

You can see a live recording of our Sunday meeting here

Judgement (Mercy & Grace)

Rob spoke today about judgment – how we judge others, how we are judged, and God's judgement. Then there's God's grace and mercy. We also heard the group's reflections and thoughts on the theme, and a brand new song from Kel.

Posted by Revival London on Sunday, 11 October 2020