A Little Story About My Life

A poem by Susan

A little story about my life
How it changed from strife
God gave me a gift
Let me tell you & it will give you a lift

Emptiness in my heart
I wanted peace & a new start
I watched my brother's life grow
He had a peace I didn't know
I avoided it for over five years
I had my own my own fears

Suddenly my father died with cancer
In my mind, I started seeking an answer
I went to a meeting at my brother's place
They spoke of hope and God's grace
I knew deep inside this is now for me
I needed to take the next steps and not flee

A few weeks later I was baptised in a bath
I need to speak in tongues to complete my new path
'God give me this Holy Spirit' I said in my car
then spoke in tongues 'it was bizarre'
My emptiness inside was filled
I was driving along now excited and thrilled

My future now has direction and hope
I have been given an inner strength to cope
No matter what I pray
He always shows me the way
If I worry he relieves my stress
The Lord is my strength and my fortress

I feel blessed every day
And grow stronger when I pray
He has healed my body & my mind
I continue to grow and shine
There's still more time to learn
Before the Lord's return