Watch the video below to hear a reflection on Rob's thoughts on Life & Death, by Glen

I left the meeting with a challenge for myself: to sacrifice my ego, to put other people’s needs before mine.
Rob spoke about life and death. He started at the end of Moses’ life. Moses had just given a whole book on the law, but his parting message to the Children of Israel was to obey with all their heart and all their soul.
I always thought the Children of Israel failed because it was impossible to obey all those laws, but maybe it was because their hearts and their soul wasn't in it.
I loved how Rob put himself into that picture, and wondered whether he would have been able to follow all those laws. Would I have? I really don't know.
Rob showed us in Romans how the law was weak because the flesh is weak. Just being human means that it’s impossible to follow laws like that. Then in Galatians it comes back to what Moses was saying — about putting your heart in it.
Paul says in Galatians that all the law is fulfilled with this one thing: to love your neighbour as yourself. So what does that mean to me? I can see room in my life to love my neighbour more. I can see room in my life to love the people around me more. To serve them. To put their needs before my own. And that brings me back to that challenge, that I spoke of at the start – to sacrifice my ego. To put others’ needs before my own.
I know that this is a struggle that will always be there, as long as I'm in this bag of flesh. But rather than pretend that I'm now perfect, I can acknowledge that I have a weakness, so that I can remain aware of it, and remind myself to love.
Because where there is love, there is life.