This is a transcript from the video – Working through hard times.

These are crazy times we are living in and it makes me realise how fragile the world is, and that over the last few years I might have been complacent with an easy life, with an abundance of food, travel, friends and freedom and now everything is stripped back and changed.

I am finding that my priorities are different, my basic needs for health, food, shelter, and daily exercise are at the forefront of my mind and the other things are kind of irrelevant or don’t seem to be as important. It's a great time to have moments of quietness and stillness, where I can reflect on all the good things in life and having gratitude for having my faith and God in my life – He is my best friend. I can call on him no matter what I am going through and I love the scripture that Tom brought out in Luke 1:37... for with God nothing is impossible.

I know from past experience there have been so many times and I have so many examples over the last 26 years where I have been leaning on God and using him tough times to find peace and clarity and that stillness I know I didn’t have before I had the spirit in my life.  

One example is back in 2011, I fell pregnant after trying for over 10 years, which was a miracle because I had been unwell for quite some time and was unable to conceive.I got to 11 weeks and then had a miscarriage. Even though emotionally it was really hard. I was in my 40’s and I knew the chances of falling pregnant again were quite slim, my husband and I were quite sad but prayer and we knew we had God in our lives he gave us such a feeling of peace and comfort during this hard time.I often think of the metaphor of an eagle and God lifting me off the ground and upon the eagle above the situation.  Reflect that if the Lord can get me through that then this time is nothing in comparison.  

I like writing poetry and to finish I wanted to share what came to my mind when I was listening to Tom's talk.  

I see and reflect
I feel the effects
Yet I deflect to focus back on God

You can listen to what Tom said below.