My testimony begins when I was six-years-old sitting in a caravan praying, seeking for something called the Holy Spirit - an ability to be connected with God.

At some point in my life I asked myself whether I was too young to even fathom what the Holy Spirit was and why Jesus died for someone like me. But it didn’t faze me, I knew and understood what I needed to do.

The Lord says "Truly, I say unto you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

I received the Holy Spirit. How did I know? Because I could speak in a new language I had never learnt - the evidence of speaking in tongues that was spoken of in the New Testament.

I needed the Holy Spirit.

My parents had gone through a divorce when I was two and as amazing as my mother was at being both parents, I really did still need a father figure whether I knew it or not. So I praise the Lord for being that figure who has been there for me in my toughest and darkest times.

Life goes on, I reach the age of nine I think... And finally decided I was ready to be baptised by full immersion under the water.

I got through school with its hardships (first world problems eh). But no matter what the Lord is always with me and the saints who I fellowship with are always a blessing to me.

The biggest miracle for me is having the Lord with me whatever the situation. I have been through so many mental challenges throughout my life so far and the Lord has healed me so many times.

I may have lost sight of the Lord in the past but I am so thankful that I always come back to to him.