Pastor Rob spoke last Sunday 5 July about the time when someone we know dies before their time.


He used the scriptures in Job to bring his thoughts to us. Here is my poem inspired by Pastor Rob’s talk.

Anger at WHY?
With empty phrases trying to justify
Grief, and tragedy unexplained
I contemplate
My voice has no words to speak
I sit & ponder
A loss before getting old
A sudden shock

In suffering I find strength
In unknowing I have peace
In confusion I have clarity
In anger I have humility
In pain I have perspective

I surrender

Poetry gives my thoughts clarity
No longer swimming in circles
Motion stopped
Expanding now on paper
Words formed, live yet stopped


I surrender my thoughts of why
No matter what happens
Believing He is larger than this life
My foundation is stable



by S Peterson

Revival London Live

Join us as we share the journey of the "why". We listen to "The Platitudes of Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar" as Rob takes us through Job's story of "why", and share our experiences of how we surrender.

Posted by Revival London on Sunday, 5 July 2020